Life or Meth: What's the Cost?

The Life or Meth: What's the Cost? methamphetamine education program is a five lesson curriculum enhancement designed for youth at the 5th, or 6th grade level, but could be used by older students (7th or 8th grade).  You are encouraged to preview each lesson prior to implementation to determine whether the program is age appropriate for your audience.  Each lesson is approximately 15 minutes long, allowing time for activities, discussion and supplemental activities.  Some lessons can be completed in a traditional 40-45 minute school class period; other lessons may need additional time for completion.

While each Life or Meth lesson can be used as a stand-alone teaching tool, you are highly encouraged to use all five lessons to maximize learning and to maintain the integrity and continuity of the program.  Life or Meth is designed as a supplemental tool, to complement and enhance on-going substance abuse prevention education.

Life or Meth can be used in many different situations including traditional classrooms, after school programs, or youth groups. 

Prior to beginning the program, you are encouraged to read the facilitator's guide so that you are familiar with the content of each lesson and the associated activities.

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