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This is the online version of the Methamphetamine education project designed to educate youth about methamphetamine in an fun, interactive learning environment.

It's a simple choice. Live for yourself, or live for the drug. The truth is, meth makes people feel good. This online version explains effects of meth, some recognizable signs based on intake methods such and smoking or inhaling and then recovery with cpap machines. Drug rehabilitation is an important program in meth stabilisation program.

That's what it's chemically designed to do. It's also chemically designed to damage, enslave and kill people. This web site is about education. Here you'll find all kinds of information about this devastating drug. What you won't find is a lot of mandates.

Ultimately, the choice between life or meth is up to the individual. Hopefully this information will help you make the right choice, or will help you help someone else make that choice.